Your İmagine

• Everything you can imagen is real. 

• You grow up with imagine. 

• If there is no life without  water , there is no human being without imagination. 

• The secrets of life are hidden your dreams. 

• What matters is not the dreams you think , but the dreams you make.

• If you live , you owe your imagination. 

• You can achieve everything you just have to belive it and make it happen, when it happens , that iş your success. 

• Your dreams take  you the right way .

• You dream as much as you can.

• If we are always ourselves , we will overcome those obstacles.

• A person stars dying when the stop dreaming .

• Change , like healing , takes time.

• The best view comes after the hardest climb .

• You are worth  not as much as you see , but as much as you dream.

• One who does not know much but dreams too much is more developed .

• The more dreamed  you are ,the clearer your perceptions are .

• Being very knowledgeable does not mean that you are very hard-working. 

• You can be in the place where you want by dreaming. 

• You have dreams or  you don’t  have dreams.

• Your brain has improved as much as the books you have read 

• You improve your subconscious with the books you read .

• You have dreams as much as the books l read.

• You live with your dreams you die with your dreams.


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