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One of the most important parts of suits, T Shirts for Men , are one of the indispensable parts of both official periods and informal moments. You should be careful while making your choices for the formal shirts that accompany you in so many parts of your life.

Shirts are a fashion wonder that first appeared in Egypt. Although it was an outfit worn mostly by the nobility at that time, formal shirts are a piece preferred by people of almost all ages today. Shirts originally had a square design in Egypt with sleeves and spaces for the head to pass through. In the 16th century, it began to be decorated with various lace and frills. In the 18th and 19th centuries, collar details began to be added to Formal Shirts for Men. From this moment on, it was noticed that the collar gave the shirt its identity.

The meeting of colors with a suit

In the 20th century, colors that were not used for T Shirts before began to be used. The models of shirts have evolved continuously from country to country and from year to year. Especially in the 1920s, many colors began to be preferred in shirts. Lycra fabric was used for the first time for Shirts, which became more common with the influence of Hollywood in the 1960s. In the century we are in, Men’s Shirts with suits, it has begun to be worn with jeans, and sometimes even with tracksuits for sports models. Sacoor Brothers also offers you shirts in different fabrics, designs, colors and models.

There are several different ways to determine which shirt will suit you and your environment. The first of these is that the shirt is suitable for your size. Formal T Shirts for Men, which will be preferred especially with suits, should be chosen much more carefully. Because suits are preferred in more formal time zones, the pieces you choose in this range are more important. In addition, it will be much more effective if you choose a shirt that is compatible with the cut, color and model, and other pieces you prefer.

Another important point is the collar factor that creates the identity of the shirt. For example, if you have a narrow and long face, choose a shirt with a wide collar, and if you have a round face, choosing long-collared shirts will bring your facial features to the fore. For a more basic choice, choosing a medium collar for elegance will provide an adequate look for you. Especially Formal Shirts for Men should be preferred together with ties and suits. You can easily order all the products we mentioned, their different colors and models from Sacoor Brothers.

Be careful with the dimensions!

Another factor is arm’s length. Sleeve length is important for all shirts, especially the shirts preferred for suits. The shirts cuff should be 1 cm thick from the jacket length and should end where the wrist meets the hand. In addition, it would be more appropriate to choose polo shirts instead of short-sleeved shirts in summer.

The more preferred men’s shirt colors are black and white. Because these two colors match very easily with all other colors. Black shirts, when paired with the right pieces, are a savior for formal applications or everyday use. Simply put, when a black shirt is paired with black textile trousers, it becomes a combination that can be preferred by many age groups. Black Formal Shirts for Men will also go well with purple, burgundy, yellow, or gray pieces. The important point for the black shirt is that the cut is in harmony with the other pieces you choose.

The white shirt, which is another color, is a piece that fits very well in suits. It is possible to see the white shirt especially in business life or in a tuxedo or classic suits. White shirts can look much more stylish and different with a vest to be worn inside Men’s Suits. It can also be used with white plain and calm patterned trousers. A suitable blazer to be chosen over this combination will also add a different atmosphere to you.

On the other hand, shirts in different colors and patterns are also included in jeans, textile trousers, or suits today. You can create your own style with many different options and get a different look from everyone else.

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