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In the art world, we may be used to seeing sculptures made of ceramic or marble, but what about sculptures that are made of chocolate? You’ve probably seen Amaury’s chocolate sculptures on social media, especially Instagram and Tik Tok. The chef, half French, half Swedish, has brought fresh air into the global pastry industry thanks to his unique talent. Amaury Guichon, who started his training in small-scale patisseries in France at an early age, continues to take firm steps forward in his career in the light of his experience. 

A ChocolateTasted Documentary

The chef, who uses different colors and textures to create sculptures that are exactly like the real monument, brings his works to chocolate lovers in his Las Vegas-based patisserie in the United States with his well-equipped and talented team. The interest in his academy, where he provides the pieces of training to transfer his experience to young talents, is quite a lot intense among cake lovers and pastry chefs. 

The chef, who has a great influence on social media and in his own academy with his attractive chocolate designs, each with completely different notions, has brought the work “School of Chocolate” to the audience on the Netflix digital platform. You can access the documentary from the link here and go on a journey where you can feel like Charlie’s Chocolate Factory.

Delicious Sculptures with Different Designs


For me, the key to success is to recognize an opportunity when it arises. Don’t be afraid to seize that opportunity because you only get that opportunity once and it may be irreversible.

-Amaury Guichon 

Sweet Competition of Talented Pastry Chefs

The documentary is about a competitive competition between talented pastry chefs with a variety of recipes and cultures from different parts of the world. The competitors, who have been working in their respective fields for a long time, and almost all of whom own a patisserie, had the opportunity to learn different techniques throughout the documentary. In each episode, a new technique was first demonstrated to the pastry chefs by Amaury Guichon and then they were asked to apply these techniques in their own imaginative designs. Keeping in mind that the competitors are also professionals, the colors and designs of the resulting sculptures present a visual feast for documentary lovers. 

“How does chocolate form a durable structure without melting for a long time?”

This question may come to the minds of the viewers during the making of the sculptures. While some chocolates melt even when we leave them in our hands or on any surface for just a minute, it may sound interesting to use them in sculpture making. At this point, Amaury Guichon emphasizes that the chocolate used is of critical features. These are:

  • Content
  • Thickness
  • Ambient temperature and humidity

In short, materials with special ingredients are used to make these works of art.

You Can Make Edible Artworks Like Amaury Guichon

Wherever you are in the world, you can order the “Sweet Shop by Amaury Guichon” branded products used in this academy from their official website. A variety of products such as dark chocolate with special ingredients, colored cocoa butter, golden decor powder, vanilla extract, adjusted balance spatula, cake design brush, whisk, magic freezer spray, and the recipe book “The Art of Flavor” by Amaury Guichon are available for sale on the site. A quality documentary that viewers interested in pastry and chocolate lovers can enjoy is waiting for them on Netflix. 

“School of Chocolate ” documentary can be a nice alternative to watch on the weekend with your loved ones. Enjoy! 







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