Hi guys. I am Pirsu and i am 12 years old. Well, how was my day?

I woke up at 9.00 a.m in this morning. I washed my face and hands. And i went kitchen to prepare a breakfast for my parents! I prepared a nice breakfast. My dad and mum love it.

Then, we cleaned our home, because today was Saturday:) I was so tired. I had a rest. Then, i played with my sister. She is stubborn and talkative but she is so cute and i love her very much:)

And, i was hungry. I helped my mum to prepare supper. Then, we had dinner.

At the weekends and Thursdays i had bath. So, i took a shower. Then, i dressed, combed my hair and took a beverage from kitchen. I studied my class.

My favourite lessons are English, math and science. I love learn a new language and study for learn science.

Then, my lessons finished. Do you like watching documentary? I like it. I watched a documentary. It was about a village life.

Then, i wrote Blog Post. It was about Marie Curie. She is my favourite scientist.

And mum said ‘Read your book before sleeping.’ I said ‘ Okay’.

Now i am reading a book. My favourite writer is Sabahattin Ali. My book’s name is ‘Kuyucaklı Yusuf’.

That’s all for now. How was your day? See you later and follow me:)

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