Class of lies (series)

Hi,guys this Mary and today ı m gonna talk about CLASS OF LİES and I will try the give no spoiler but ı would ı will tell you. Anyway lets start! This series is a criminal drama and I love this kind really. We have an advacote he is a very smart strong(and cute😁) he try to fix a murder but when he do this from him boss he got fired because its not just murder anyway ı dont want to say something else but ıf you loving criminal series or drama you should definetly watch also this is an K-Drama and ı love it. Just a 16 episode 1 episode about one hour and you watch an episode and you want to watch one more one more so fluent. Also actors, actress.. They were great. Even doesnt like K-Drama you could watch just for this. I really suggest this series. I hope you like too. Take care of yourselves  goodbye


Yazar: Mary

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