Film Review: Enola Holmes – Talented As Her Brother Sherlock Holmes

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Who is Enola Holmes? 

The surname “Holmes” is well known to readers and movie buffs. This surname belongs to Sherlock Holmes, the talented detective whose life was the main character of Arthur Conan Doyle’s novels and made it to the silver screen. The story of the detective who solves interesting and complex cases with his strong senses and sharp intelligence is now being presented to movie lovers in a different adaptation. 

Enola Holmes, the younger sister of Sherlock Holmes, is not part of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s original stories, but the creation of Nancy Springer, who wrote seven books about the young detective. Enola Holmes, the little sister and as talented as her elder brother Sherlock, seems determined to follow in his footsteps. Set in 1800s England, the scenario has a diverse cast of characters and an interesting plot.

Perhaps one of the most important aspects of this series of films is the portrayal of Enola as a strong, independent, and self-fighting young girl, but at the same time fragile, sensitive, and mild-mannered. Considering the political and sociological conditions of the period, the importance of women in society was not the same as in today’s modern world. Raised by a mother who defies stereotypes, and values both independence and personal growth, Enola shines among her peers thanks to her confidence and incredible energy.

‘The first thing you should know is that my mother named me “Enola”. The second is that “Enola” spelled backwards means “alone”. 
-Enola Holmes

What is this story that is full of adventures about?

The first movie in the series follows the life of Enola Holmes, who is a young girl living in the shadow of her two older brothers, who they are Sherlock and Mycroft Holmes. When their mother suddenly disappears, it is up to Enola to find out where she has gone. While her brothers have problems to worry about that their little sister need to be educated with traditional approaches, she bravely tries to take care of herself. 

The second movie in the series follows Enola and the opening of her own detective agency. Working in the shadow of her famous older brother Sherlock, Enola realizes that in Victorian England, independent and professional women were treated more as suspects than credible investigators. Enola’s first case is a little girl looking for her missing sister. The young detective is determined to solve the case. Another fascinating thing about the mystery in this movie is that it is actually based on a true story about a woman named Sarah Chapman and how she fought for women workers’ rights, especially in the industrial areas. 

In 1888, hundreds of working girls in the match factory “Byrant and May” in London, England, revolted against their disadvantageous working conditions. Over time, the phosphorus used to make matches was causing significant damage to the health of these young girls. Given the conditions of the time, this revolt can be interpreted as a successful mass women’s movement.

Which Actors Play the Characters?

  • Enola Holmes
  • Enola Holmes 2

The first of the two series made Netflix history as one of the most-watched movies ever, with an estimated 76 million households watching the first four weeks. Millie Bobby Brown plays the main character Enola Holmes in the star-studded cast of the series. This name may be familiar to series fans from Stranger Things, which they follow closely. The character of Sherlock Holmes, which audience have watched from many actors so far, is played by Henry Cavill. For those who follow the Netflix platform closely, the lead of “The Witcher” series appears as a talented detective in this movie. Watching brother and sister as they set sail on different adventures can be a pleasure for moviegoers. 

Together, the siblings find clues to intriguing mysterious cases and overcome the problems, they face in this challenging adventure. Enola, a beautiful young girl, is accompanied by the handsome Viscount Tewkesbury throughout their exciting adventure. This character is played by young British actor Louis Partridge. Besides, Helena Bonham Carter plays Eudoria Holmes, the mother of the Holmes brothers.

Our Future is up to us!

-Enola Holmes

Below you can find short videos of the actors chatting about the film, the trailer, behind the scenes, and what’s more. Enjoy the movie!






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Enola Holmes: Abisi Sherlock Holmes Kadar Yetenekli Olan Bir Genç Kız

Enola Holmes: Abisi Sherlock Holmes Kadar Yetenekli Olan Bir Genç Kız

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