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Pay Attention to These Points While Buying Suits for Men!

Suits for men are a savior dress for business meetings, presentations, meetings, special dinners, important organizations, wedding invitations, openings, and many more time periods. At the same time, suits are an element that increases a man’s self-confidence and allows him to express himself more comfortably in his environment. Symbolizing elegance and seriousness, suits, jackets, textile trousers, ties, watches, and formal shirts have been in existence for almost 150 years.

Suits first appeared in England in 1665. After the suit was made compulsory for the members of the army in the 19th century, the jackets, which were manufactured narrow until that time to facilitate getting on and off the horse, became today’s double slit. In the beginning, there were no pockets in suits, jackets for men, but after that day, pockets were added for ease of riding. The final version of suits was created by American businessmen adopting the design and making it more comfortable.

Here are some tips that will show you style in your suit choices

There are some rules that you should pay attention to when choosing suits for men, which have added elegance and seriousness for years. First of all, choosing the right fabric is very important for its posture on your body. It will not be the right decision to wear the first suit you like in the store or on the internet. First of all, it will be effective when choosing the fabric in which season you will wear the suit. Breathable fabrics such as linen and cotton in summer; In winter, it would be more logical to choose woolen and thick fabrics. Suits, which are cheaper and use high polyester, make you sweat because they don’t breathe. Therefore, one of the most suitable and natural fabrics should be chosen according to the season. You can find many different models from all kinds of fabrics and designs at Sacoor Brothers.

Another issue when choosing suits is both the color of the suit itself and the color of the other parts that complement it. Although most dark colors are preferred, different color preferences have been on the agenda lately. Black, navy blue, or dark gray colors are guaranteed for elegance. For example, black formal shirts for men that you prefer with a gray suit will create a very effective combination. In general, although the jacket and trousers are chosen from the same color and fabric in suits, choosing black jackets and formal shirts with lighter color trousers will provide you with a different look. In addition to these, elements such as shoes, ties, belts, watches are also important details that need attention.

It is very important that the suits and formal shirts for men you choose fit on you. There are several ways to understand the suit that fits you. After choosing  formal shirts, put on jackets and first of all, check if there is a pothole on your shoulders. If you are sure that it fits your shoulders well, make sure that the cuffs of the shirt are visible 1-1.5 cm outside the jacket with your arms down. Remember that the jacket of your suit should be long enough to cover your hips, and the legs of your trousers should not touch your shoes but should be long enough to cover your socks.

Small details make big touches

To look at other small details, there are some important points, especially for jackets for men. The accessories required for the jacket should be purchased together with the jacket and in accordance with the jacket. Loafers and classic shoes are the most suitable for suits. It would be much more logical to choose your watch to be suitable for a jacket. The tie should be chosen from your suit in a dark color to create a contrast.

One of the most important parts is how to carry jackets on you. For this, when tying your tie, you should pay attention that its length does not exceed your belt. You should not fasten all of your buttons. It will be enough to button the middle button, as jackets usually consist of 1 or two buttons. Finally, remember that you must fasten your buttons while standing and unbutton them while sitting!


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