Safiye Ali is a Turkish doctor. Turkey’s first female medical doctor who is the first woman and medical education. She was born on February 2, 1894. She  name of Safiye Ali, who works on mother and child health, is known with Süt damla Nursing Homes. She joined the feminist movement that started in Istanbul and fought for the right Turkish women to be elected. Ali Kırat Paşa is Emine Hasene , daughter of Şeyhülharem Hacı Emin Paşa. Safiye Ali was the youngest four sisters. Girl lost her father young age. She studied at the American College for Girls in Istanbul. He graduated from college in January 1916. She decided to become a medical doctor. But that would be difficult. Because it was impossible for a woman to study medicine. Written talented as a highly talented and successful person, Safiye Ali is sent to Germany for medical education with the support of the then Minister of Education, Şükrü gentleman. Days of his war, he returns dorm and immediately starts work. Safıye Ali, who started treatment in the clinic he opened in Cağaloğlu in a short time, received great support from Besim Ömer Paşaa, Akil Muhtar and Operator Emin gentleman, one of the famous doctors of that period, and worked in Süt Damla nursing homes. Safi also representing the international medical congresses in Turkey Ali, a time to continue then went to Germany with his wife and his profession due to health here. Safiye Ali, who could not recover from the cancer she was caught, died in 1952.


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