Ramadan Decoration: What Are The Special Ideas? 2023 & 1444

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Only a few days remain until Ramadan, the most special of the “Three Months” and known as the “Sultan of 11 Months” by the Islamic societies that settled worldwide. During this special month when the fasting will be observed and rich iftar and sahur tables will be prepared, you can design your living space in the light of various decoration ideas. Muslims living in different parts of the world reflect their cultural and aesthetic awareness on Ramadan decorations, resulting in beautiful images. How about being a part of this beautiful trend?

Indispensables of Designs: Oil Lamps and Candles

Ramadan Decoration by Pinterest

During this special month, you can illuminate your living space by designing your decoration with candles and oil lamps while enlightening your soul with fasting and special prayers. Nowadays, oil lamps are used as lampshades in Moroccan and Egyptian cultures, and you can design them yourself with shiny cardboard or buy them from the traditional bazaars of your city. You can place a large number of candles on the table or floor that you have set for decoration and get a pleasant image. Another alternative for lighting is led lights. You can customize your decoration by choosing the star and crescent forms of this option, which are specially designed for Ramadan.

Ramadan Decoration by Pinterest

Should Your Decoration Be Colorful or Minimal?

Of course, there is no exact answer to this question. The most important point should be how comfortable and peaceful you feel in your living space. In this direction, you can focus on colors and ideas that are good for your soul and that you think reflect you and your aesthetics. In light of the richness brought by the differences between cultures, you can choose designs with soft touches as well as colorful designs. You can use white and cream tones as a base and enrich them with gold and silver details.

Ramadan Decoration by Pinterest
  • Especially in the cultures of Arab countries, Pakistan, and the surrounding regions, colors have great importance. You can be inspired by these traditional looks, and bring a different perspective to your designs by choosing vibrant tones from each other. A little reminder: Don’t forget to include fragrant flowers in your Ramadan decorations to enrich the visuals 💐
Ramadan Decoration by Pinterest

How About Adding A Little Imagination?

During Ramadan, it is quite significant for children as well as adults to feel a sense of spirituality. By presenting them with different ideas, we can explain and endear the importance of fasting and praying, especially in this month, as much as we can. At this point, the ideas you will use in decoration can be the biggest helpers. For example, you can make a model of a “Mosque” out of cardboard or similar material and place it in their rooms or playgrounds. Thanks to such designs, you can keep children’s interest in Ramadan alive. You can benefit from these ideas and bring a new breath to your living space in the days before the “Sultan of 11 Months”. Happy Ramadan!

Ramadan Decoration by Pinterest

“When the month of Ramadan turns up, the gates of Paradise are opened and the gates of Hell are closed, then the devils are chained and bound.”

(Muslim, Sıyam: 1 No: 1079; Bukhari, Savm: 5)

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