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What is the Difference Between Digital Marketing Agency and Traditional Agencies?

Traditional marketing is not as popular anymore as it was in 80s. Digital Marketing took the show on the road and came with a lot of targeting benefits and surplus.

In traditional advertising, there was not much measurement of the ad. Ad performance was just an estimatation of circulations, daily reach etc. In digital marketing, many factors such as CTR, reach , CPC, clicks and impressions gets tracked right away. Therefore, online advertising requires strict monitoring and regular control for digital marketing agencies. While creative works and slogans are more crucial in traditional advertising, online ads focus on results. It is imperative that the brand message is net and straight. Scarlet Media, a prominent digital marketing agency Turkey is at the forefront to produce the visuals that bring the most sales.

What Subjects Does a Digital Advertising Agency Serve?


A successful digital advertising agency follows the shortest path for any brand to achieve its marketing goals. Such digital advertising agencies focus on preparing performance-oriented websites for businesses. Besides, these agencies make web design mobile friendly. It provides performance-oriented services in Google AdWords, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube ads and digital video preparation.

What is Transparent Digital Advertising Agency?

Transparent digital advertising agency does not hide its agency service fee by using intermediate panels for ads such as Google AdWords, Facebook, and YouTube. It clearly shows internet advertising expenditures and agency service cost. It provides its customers with account access where they can control the performance of their internet ads. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right digital advertising agency to work with.

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