It was a usual rainy and stormy night in England. The lightning was mad and it made a loud noise. There was a man laying on his couch. You could tell by the look of his face that he didn’t like such weather. He started putting the chess pieces on his fat belly and he started wondering why he has noone to play with. His belly was no longer able to hold all the pieces and they started falling on the ground one by one. The man was asleep but he jumped with every fallen pieces with fear. The last jump was too loud. No no. This wasn’t the chess piece. This was the door knocking. The man wondered… “who is knocking on my door at this hour?” A girl was at the door.

“Hey sir, I have a job interview tomorrow and my shoes got muddy because of this rain. I need turnusol to clean my shoes. Do you have some?”

“Yes but I will only give it to you if you play chess with me.”

“But sir, I don’t know how to play chess.”

“I will teach you.”

Then they started playing chess. The girl didn’t like the game but she really needed turnusol.  The man was very happy to finally find someone that he can play with. Hours passed and it was almost the morning. Finally the girl shouted: “I played enough and now I want my turnusol.” But the man said “ I don’t have what you want, I just wanted to play”. The girl was disappointed and she left. When she reached home, she saw her shoes all cleaned up. She got surprised. “how could it be possible?” “ What a nice and thoughtful man. I thought he fooled me but he surprised me.” 

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