The sky seen at the bottom of the grave

1• What happened?

1 = I lost my friend, he died and blended into the sky, became a flower. 


2• When did it happen? 

2= Two years ago…


3•  How did you feel?

3= I felt as if the world had disappeared, that I couldn’t do anything anymore, I was helpless and unhappy.


4• What did you do ? 

4= I sent him good wishes, wrote poems and letters. and I arranged myself so that my own life could end with dignity.


5• Did you ask for help?

5=I couldn’t ask for help, I picked up where I fell and hugged myself.


sleep in peace my beautiful friend. I know there is a piece in the sky I am looking at, in the flower I smell, in that little cat that I caress its head.

My good wishes, prayers, poems and my soul are always with you. I love you…

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