Planet of Mysteries

The World’s Most Mysterious Places

 We encounter strange and mysterious events in many parts of the world. Although we are in the age of technology, there are events that cannot be proven yet. Here are a few of them, mysterious places of the world;

Bermuda Triangle of evil

It consists of a lot of unanswered questions. Ships being swallowed, planes crashed, so much negativity, but no one has yet received an answer. The region is between Bermuda, Puerto Rico and Miami.

 Various compasses, gulf, stream, human error, conspiracy theories, rogue waves and many other possibilities have been suggested. However, nothing has been proven yet. Despite these, it is still one of the most preferred travel routes in the world.


It is located in the Indian Ocean. The closest region to the island is Somalia, but it is governed by Yemen. You can know about a third of the flora and fauna here. Its thick-stemmed, fleshy, ‘dragon’s blood’ trees are home to many tree species and plant species.

 It is said that the herbs that grow here are healing. Especially Dragon Blood is good for every disease. It also seems quite mysterious with its unique creatures, animals such as cats, spiders, bats, birds and so on.

Mount Roraima

It is located at the triple border point of Brazil, Guyana and Venezuela. Its shape looks quite mystical with its endemic fauna and the clouds near the summit never leaving the mountain alone.

 It is suggested that the plateau is composed of water and wind and is thought to be one of the oldest geological formations in the world. Some species also cannot live anywhere else, and the reason remains a mystery.

Fly Geyser

It is located in Gerlach, Nevada. It is observed to grow continuously. It is currently 3 meters. This geyser is in an owned area and no one is allowed to intrude. Owner Bill Spoo has denied all tourist earnings, it seems he just wants to keep the image to himself. Even photographers who can enter the field  They have to give information weeks in advance.

Easter Island

Easter Island, located on the Moai, is a complete mystery to scientists. The sculptures are 50 meters long, and questions such as who made them, why they made them, why they are here are still unanswered. One of the theories is that an ancient civilization lived here. They lived, they ran out of food,  they had to leave or disappeared.

Lake Vostok

It’s located under ice in Antarctica, which is the newest mystery ever found on Earth. It’s believed that there are species under the ice dating back 15 million years. These are also species that have most likely never been seen by any human being.

Racetrack Playa

It is located in California. The mystery is in its stones. The stones leave their initial position leaving a trace behind them. The reason is still under investigation.



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