A zombie apocalypse: How LIKELY TO HAPPEN

 How likely is a zombie apocalypse?

Ever since the word zombie came into existence we either get thrilled or get frightened when we hear it. The word “Zombie” came from different folklore’swhich generally means reanimating or revival of dead corpse by witchcraft. One of the first book to expose Western culture to the concept of Voodoo Zombie was The Magic Island (1929) by W.B. Sea brook. In 1968 George Romero Directed and written a movie Night of the living Dead in which The radiation from fallen satellite causes the deceased to rise from the grave and seek the living to use as a food. And the Zombies began to evolve and many writers began to write stories on zombie concept and many zombie movies became blockbusters. So, is it really really possible or its just another Will Zombies come in future?
Let’s take a look at three ways that zombies are believed to come.
1. Voodoo Zombie : People in parts of west Africa believe after performing certain rituals will make dead people rise again. But there is nothing to proof it and it doesn’t even make sense. 2. Zombie from Radiation: So, almost everyone knows about radiation and how harmful it is. This concept straight forward unlikely to happen as we all known radiation is so harmful that anyone who goes near it could die. So, with radiation deaths is more likely than Zombies.
3. Zombie Virus: The most evolved type of zombies. I don’t know how they come up with such weird ideas, well sorry zombie lovers even this is not possible. The reason is simple viruses attacks the human body but can’t take control of your body means virus either makes you sick or cause death. There i got proof for this”Ophiocordyceps Unilateralis” also known as zombie-ant fungus. It just named zombie but the ant won’t become zombie. Ophiocordyceps Unilateralis is an insect pathogen fungus which infects the ant and starts to feed on the ant itself and kills the ant and grows out of its body. Don’t think what if it attack humans, it can’t cause its not strong enough to survive in human body.
What about Zombie Apocalypse then?
Well, there are no zombies, so no zombie apocalypse. OK, if you insist let’s just think that somehow zombies came into existence, will they cause an Apocalypse nah!. Why? lets see. Well, what we have seen in movies is that zombies feed on human flesh, so if zombie attacks human it would become nothing but a skeleton and even if it escaped with just a bite, human (then zombie) saliva is not able spread in blood means virus cannot spread through bite. Just simply cleaning the bite will do the job.
Now get out of your fantasy world and start concentrating on your goals.
 Team Bloggie (Not Zombie)

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