5 Better Books I Read Until The Age Of 12

Hi guys! Today, i will tell you something very important: BOOKS! Do you like reading books? I love it. I like science fiction, story, tale, poetry books and novels. My favourite  Turkish author is Sabahattin Ali. In my opinion, his books are better than others. Homewer, I just don’t like his books. Anyway, i don’t want to go any further. Ok!


1) ‘AYDA 172 SAAT’: 
 What a amazing book!Great choice for science fiction-horror  lovers.***After a long period of forty years, Nasa decides to  go on a manned journey to the Moon. Three young people from all  over the world are also eligible to join this journey: Midori,  Antoine and Mia.The journey to the Moon is complete without any  problems, but actually the problem is the Moon itself.  Extraordinary events begin in the lunar base Darlah 2;  Something on the moon woke up from its long sleep. Soon when  the residents of Darlah 2 realize that they are not alone  there, they have to struggle to live and return home.


      It is a fantastic story. Do you love stories? This book is for you.*** A little fish                   wondering about his surroundings tells about his new adventure where he leaves his       mother’s side to learn new things and leaps towards what they don’t know.


     It is better than other novels. It is my favourite novel.*** It tells the story of the creative boy Zeze, the five-year-old son of a poor family in Minas Gerais, Brazil.


     This book’s writer is Sabahattin Ali. It is a stories and tales book. This book is suitable for people over 7 years old. So; adults can read this book too. I recommed this book to you. You should read this book:)


    What a good story! I think, already you read it.*** The Little Prince tells of the Little Prince who lives in his own galaxy with a single rose and leaves his rose and goes to other galaxies. But what he wants to emphasize on this journey is ‘to grow’.

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