Why do people dream? I think dream is better than reality. Do you think like me? EVERY THING YOU CAN IMAGINE IS REAL! Just know that about reality and dream. So; dreams are better than reality.

You can not fly in normal life. Maybe, you can not buy a car or a house. But in your dream world every thing is yours.

The first stage of human beings’ coming to the point where they are, and all their discoveries are dreams.
There is no success without a dream.

Dream is the power to touch the clouds. Dreaming means not knowing obstacles. It is wanting the impossible. 

Dream is seeing yourself where you want to be! 

What is your biggest dream? Mine is be succesful. I want to be prosecutor. First, a good high school and a good university then it.

When i was a child, i wanted fly . It is impossible. But maybe real, in my dream world. But i think, everybody dreamt to fly.

What is your favourite? Dream or Real? Mine is of course dream. Write your as a comment, subscribe my blog and press the like button. See you next time!

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