Today is so important. Because… Today is the 1st day of january! A new year, a new month, a new day. I hope 2021 doesn’t remind us of the year 2020:) I am so happy because 2020 finished. What a bad year! I think it was worse than other years. What did you experience in 2020? Let me tell you mine:

My mother had surgery in January. Nose surgery…  It was a very difficult process. My cousin came here. Her name is Esma. She helped my mum too.

February is important month for me. Because my father’s birthday is the 15th of February! I bought a present for him. It was a headphone. My mum bought a sweather. But February was sadly because a lot of our soldiers were martyred:( Rest in peace…

March was very good and very bad. Good, because i and my mum were born this month. And… My cousin was born too. She is very lovely. But March was badly too because Corona came here. #StayAtHome

April was normal for me. Non action, non happiness. May too.

June was good. Because schools were on holiday. And my sister was born in June five years ago.

July was good like June. Because i went my village. I had fun. And i went my cousin’ home for 3 days. It was better than village. 

August was my favourite month in 2020. We went a small Black Sea tour with my parents. We went Sinop, Samsun, Trabzon, Rize, Giresun, Ordu. And it was so and so fun:)

September, October, November was normal like April and May.

December was so tiring for me. I was very tired. My lessons, sister, homeworks etc. … But happy ending! Very good celebration.

And i’ll say again: A new year, month and day. What is your plans in 2021? My wishes are:

First; of course health. It’s more impotant than everything.  I hope there is a vaccine to destroy the virus.

And i want to be more succesful. More studying, more effort for  high school of my dreams…

My last wish is equality. For people and animals – boys and girls. I am strongly against inequality!

How was 2020 for you? What is your plans in 2021? See you next time!

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