The Chief Goddess Of Athens Athena

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                                                                  Athena (Minevra)

Athena is the goddess of intelligence, art, strategy, inspiration and peace in Greek mythology. In Roman mythology, she is considered on a par with Minerva.His father is Zeus, the head of the Gods, and his mother is Metis, the goddess of wisdom, the first wife of Zeus. Athena is the chief goddess and protector of the city of Athens, the city also got its name from her.Athena also came to the aid of the Achaeans in the Trojan war and helped build a wooden horse.Athena carries a special shield. This shield is known as Aegis.On the shield, there is a picture of Medusa’s head with various decorations. Even the strongest armies are defeated in front of this shield.


In Greek mythology, Athena is mentioned as the goddess of intelligence, inspiration, art and war. Its counterpart in Roman mythology is Minerva. In the works, she is mostly referred to by two names, namely Pallas Athena. The reason for his being called Pallas was explained by Robert Graves as follows:

According to the Pelasgus, Athena was born by the Lake Tritonis in Libya and was found and raised by three Libyan nymphs wearing goat skin clothes. When he was just a little boy, he accidentally caused his playmate Pallas to die while they were both playing with spears and shields. As a symbol of his suffering, he added Pallas to the beginning of his own name.

Symbols Of Athena


Its symbols are shield, spear, olive branch and owl. The spear represents war, the olive branch represents peace, and the sky-eyed owl represents wisdom.


 she is the goddess of war strategy and wisdom, she is the only goddess to whom her father Zeus entrusted the battle armor. He is also mentioned in the epics as the favorite child of Zeus. Athena, the goddess of intelligence, received this feature from her mother, Metis, the goddess of wisdom and wisdom.


                                          The capital of Greece is Athens (The Parthenon Temple)

According to mythology, the city of Athens got its name from the goddess Atena as a result of a legendary contest between the god Poseydon and the goddess Atena. Dec. Poseydon and Atena wanted to become the patron god of the city and presented gifts to the residents of the city. Poseydon gave a gift of a fresh water source symbolizing sea power, and Atena, on the other hand, gave a gift of a sacred olive tree symbolizing peace and wealth. The city of Athens accepted the olive tree and gave the city the name of the goddess.

                                                               Athena and Poseidon


Athena has never had a lover. That is why she is also called Athena Parthenos, that is, “the Virgin Athena”. The famous Parthenon Temple in Athens also gets its name from here. It is said that he was with a god only once and that he had two demigod (twin) daughters from this union. However, it is not known who his daughters were, nor the god he later married.

The Parthenon Temple




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