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KMS Roasting Machine Industry and Trade. LLC. As EKOROAST, we produce nuts and coffee roasting machines. In nut machines, we produce belt ovens that roast nuts starting from 10kg per hour and up to 2000kg. Our nuts machines consist of five parts. This line is reduced and increased according to the wishes of our customers.

For example, EKO 300 Nuts Line

EKO 901 Z Elevator,EKO 1202 Automatic Salting Machine,EKO 900 PVC Elevator,EKO 300 Roasting Oven,EKO 700 Salt Sieve

Eko 300 Nuts Roasting Machine can roast all kind of nuts and seeds(peanut,hazelnut,almond,macademia,pistachio,brazilnuts,sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds,watermelon seeds…)300kg per an hour.

Our nut roasting ovens consist of a roasting room, a cooling room and a rest room. Since the hot air in the oven is evenly distributed, the nuts are roasted homogeneously. This ensures that the nuts are delicious. Our ovens are made of stainless material suitable for food. The product conveyor belt also consists of AISI 304 stainless steel braids. Energy In order to prevent the loss of nuts, the inner parts of the frame and the heating rooms are covered with stone wool. According to the wishes of our customers, our nuts machines are produced to work with electricity, natural gas or propane. In addition, our dried nut machines are completely computer-controlled.

Ekoroast Nut Roasting Line
KMS Roasting Machine industry has improved itself in machinery manufacturing in a short time and being an expert on especialy nuts roasting machines and coffee roasting machines to give the best service to his valuable customers.
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