Is it enough to want to achieve something? Of course NO! We have to work. But working is not enough too. Wanting, working…  The most important is to set goals. If you haven’t got any goal, you can never succeed.

I have many goals. A good high school, a good university, a good job… And more! I am wanting good schools and i am working to good schools. But first i said ”My goal is good schools.” Always first goals.

Goals determine how to live your life!

Everyone should have a goal. It is not only for succes . To work, to know… We must have a goal even to live.

When i was little girl, i watched a cartoon. There were unicorns. And they had a goal: show the importance of friendship. And they succeeded. Because they had a goal.

One more important issue! Big dreams. Dream big. It is so importantly in your life too.

”Dreaming is for only children” What a ridicilous thought! Adults can dreaming too.Dreaming is not for only children, it is for successes and wants. So;please and please  ”DREAM BIG”

TAKE ACTION FOR YOUR GOALS! It is important issue too. If you only dream or want, you can’t achieve. Working is the important for succes.

You can work you can want but most importantly you have to set goals.

Don’t forget it! It is so important for your life. Dream big and set goals!

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