Farabi is a scholar who lived between the years 870-950. He is scholar who has written works in the fields of mathematics, botany, medicine, music, philosophy and logic. His real name is Ebu Nasır Muhammed Ibn Türkan Al Farabi. Farabi is actually a Turk. He is known as Alfarabius in Western philosophy. Farabi received his first education in Farab. Afterwards, he continued his education in Baghdad  his father’s request. He took lessons philosophy from the Christian philosopher Abu Bishr Metta Bin Yunus in Baghdad. Meanwhile, he learned Arabic, Persian, Greek and Latin languages. He read  works of Aristotle and Plato many times.Farabi, who developed in the field of grammar and logic, concentrated on philosophy. Farabi, who went to Aleppo in 941, wrote his philosophical thoughts here.Farabi divided the sciences into three groups; metaphysics, mathematics and physical sciences. European scientists have also accepted Farabi’s method. He offered the first logical explanation for sound events. By conducting experiments, he proved that the vibrations the air decrease and increase according to their wavelengths. Farabi worked in field of medicine and wrote books on drugs. Al-Farabi differed from the Qur’an, hadiths and the principles of faith with his views. Scholars such as Imam-i Ghazali and Imam-i Rabbani expressed the mistakes in Farabi’s views.
Farabi’s works;

1. Ta’lim-us-Sani,

2. Iksa-ul-Ulum vet-Ta’rif bi Ağradiha.

3. Kitabu Füsus-il-Hikem,

4. Kitabus-Politics-il- Medeniyye,

5. Ki-tab-base-Saade,

6. Ar-Risale fi Ehl-il Medeniyyet-il-Fadıla,

7.Er- Risale fi İsbat-il-Müfarekat,

8. Kitab-ul-Musiki-il-Kebir,

9. Ki-tab-ul-Muğni fil- Edviyet-ul-Müfrede.


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