I like all games. Outdoor games, computer games, online games… But ”Among Us” is my favourite. I think it is better than the others. Well, why i like the among us? 

Because; it is an online game. So you can play with your friends in the computer or telephone. I play with my classmates in computer. But a minimum of four and a maximum of ten people can play. Moreover, you must know a few terms to play the game. For example; vent,  report,  sabotage,  rooms name,  fix light, visual task etc.

First you should create a character. You can choice pets, hats, colors and clothes. Then you should create a new room. You can make in-game adjustments. Then, send room’s code to your friends. And the game will start.

There are two options: Crewmate or Impostor. But game determine that. If you are an impostor; sabotage and kill everyone. But you should be careful. Nobody shouldn’t see you(killing times).

If someone see the dead body, he can report.Then voting start. Everyone say opinions. Then everyone vote. Top rated dies. 

If you will be a crewmate; you should doing your tasks to win with other crewmates. You can not do sabotage and killing. Because you are crewmate…

You can play this game with other people in public room. This time there is a chat below. You can send message to others.

That’s all! This game is awesome. Don’t forget follow me and press the like button. See you next time…

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