And Sorry? People Who Sad You

And Sorry? People Who Sad You

People Sad Youuuu

Let whatever is left inside of you is finished. Don’t go back to your crusted wounds and stick nails anymore. Let the seasons change. Why such a cold craving?

Don’t let another cloud fall from the sky. If the other party doesn’t make any effort or cares about your efforts, never mind. So don’t try any harder. You’re the one who gets sad at the end anyway. A person who does not care about what he has done does not worry about your sadness. Throw out everything that has accumulated inside. For the sake of those who do not understand what is inside. Whatever has to end, let it end. To prolong it would be foolish. Effort must be made for the deserved.

If there is no new path, sit and wait, it is better than taking a wrong path. You handed him your heart, which he had broken so many times. Well, what did he do, he said, ‘Oh, this place has remained intact.’

People who hurt you deserve to be forgotten. If there is someone who is not afraid to upset you, get them out of your life.

Take a break from the sadness of this life with your smile.

Isn’t it enough? SADD….

I loved enough for both of us.

Isn’t it enough? Even that wasn’t enough for you. Even though I loved it for two, you couldn’t be satisfied with it.

No matter what you do, I couldn’t leave you. You used this well. You were my weakest point. Despite everything that happened, I was the one who was lovingly stupid. But I don’t like two people anymore. Believe me, I love hard for myself. Don’t worry, this will be over soon.

I don’t know if I can hate you. Either I hate you so much or my conscience does not allow me to turn this love into hate.


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