What Is 24L2210M27?

     I want to introduce you the most amazing invention at 21st century. Its name is 24L2210M27.  This invention which has a turkish scientists signature will reconstruct world order. This chip are put behind of your head with a little surgical operation easily. You can reach all information easily and quickly with 24L2210M27. On making this chip, we will use nanotechnology and biomedical plastic. You will not need learning through 24L2210M27. The informations which recorded will be transferred to your brain immediately thus you will not need learning.
For example, you have to make a presentation in french language but you do not know french. So what will you do?
 Solution is simple. You can speak french with this chip like your mother language. My big invention 24L2210M27 does not work to just learning new languages. It can copy memories in your brain. Actually if you allow, it can record every single thing in your brain that is why this invention is great. Also it is used for solving psychological problems. In a five year we will be use 24L2210M27. There will no limit to information with 24L2210M27. Its price is 900.000 euro. It could be expensive in first time but  definitely it deserve its own price. I want to finish my words with sentence of Bacon.
” The knowledgeable will be strong. Information is power.”

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