Ordinary Loves


It is very bad when you feel it is over. You speak from then on, but you know it’s wasted. Maybe you still love him but it’s not enough You become ordinary, the relationship loses its excitement. Simply put, you have other things on your mind. There’s nothing worse than seeing the end of a relationship. It’s over, but you can’t tell, because if he says he thinks the way you do, you realize he’s been fooled all this time. One gets used to joy for a long time and it becomes harder to break off. Although not every person is like this, most of us are. The continuation of our love is out of habit. The relationship is such that we cannot escape. We insistently want to hear his voice, do something with him, or always be with him or something.

Sometimes we get bored when we are with him, sometimes we feel the excitement is over while talking on the phone. For example, you are not jealous of him anymore, you don’t feel like searching too much, you give up from time to time when you won’t be calling. Maybe you want it to be, maybe you are not confident anymore. This is actually about doing the same things all the time. It’s nice to be with him, but it’s not enough.

Sometimes you can’t breathe, because that’s not what you want to be with anymore. Yet there is no other. Not because of anyone else. Could love be getting old? Or are all the things we put aside by saying “no problem” are problems that emerge over time? People remain unanswered.

It is as if we are doing a little wrong, the next person must love, every moment without a break. He should stop getting used to it, strengthen his love. He should ask himself, “Why do I love?” You just get lonely when you can’t find an answer. Why do you really love? One should be able to list a few items. Otherwise, it is always a mediocrity, always a search for innovation… The human’s job should be to love someone by giving them their due. Even if the relationship becomes monotonous, one should love it, even if it continues colorful… I liked your saying “Whaaaaat”. Then a lot of other things… And the fact that they hung up the phone for a snap…

Good luck…

Sometimes you love someone as much as Friday…

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