Men's Suits

How many parts do men’s suits consist of?

They are named according to the parts they consist of. For example, two-piece men’s suits consist of jackets and trousers. In 3-piece suits, this pair is accompanied by a vest. Sacoor Brothers offers you products in a different number of parts. How many pieces your suit will consist of will vary depending on you and what you prefer the suit for. For a semi-formal occasion (e.g. a dinner), black suits and a matching tie would be quite appropriate. In less formal situations, a blazer would be appropriate along with stylish textile trousers.

When we take a look at the history of them, tailor-made dresses were made in the beginning. Today, this way of sewing a suit is called a bespoke suit. However, since the 60s, they have been taking their place as mass-produced ready-to-wear products. If you wish, Sacoor Brother offers you your suit as a whole, or if you wish, it provides services to fill your deficiency. It provides you with blazer for men, ties, polos, jackets, textile trousers, and much more, with different product categories.

If we examine the 2 main products that make up Suits for men, jackets generally consist of 2 or 3 buttons, and the number of buttons on them is not produced and preferred. For example, dinner sets mostly have one button. Even the places where the buttons are placed differently. This is because the impression of height conveyed by the jacket is different. A button placed at mid-height is typically in perfect harmony with the waist. For a men’s suit jackets, the shape of the collar along with the arrangement of the buttons is very effective in directing the eyes of the other party. If the buttons are too low and the collar roll is prominent, the eyes of the opposite side are pulled down and the waist appears thicker.

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