Famous Turkish Islamic philosopher and physician Ibni Sina, known as “Avicenna” in the West, was born in the town of Bukhara in Afsana in 980. His father, Abdullah bin Sina, has made a high-ranking official in Bukhara. Ibn Sina was educated at special ages at very young ages. Mathematics, law, logic, philosophy and medicine learned at a very young age, at the age of 10 memorized the Qur’an and became a famous physician at the age of 16. Ibni Sina has taken lessons from the philosopher Natili, a short-lived philosopher. Ibni Sina, at the age of 18, treated the disease of Samani ruler Noah bin Mansur. After this incident, he was allowed to read him in the palace library. Ibni Sina has greatly expanded his knowledge by making use of this library. After a while his father and Samani ruler died and went to Harizm. He met with physicians and philosophers here. Ibni Sina, Ghazni Mahmoud”in not pay attention to the call first went to Rey, then Cürcan’a. Ibni Sina died in 1037 in the Hamedan city of Iran.


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