Diego Armando Maradona

Maradona was born on October 30, 1960. He started football with the Boca Juniors team and played here until 1981. He transferred to Barcelona in 1981 with a record fee (12 million dollars).

Playing his first match at Nou Camp against Belgium at the 82 world cup opening, Maradona made an unexpectedly bad start and disappointed the Barca fans who watched the match. Barca for 2 seasons, Maradona, who was wearing the shirt, could not give what was expected due to illness and injuries. Maradona left Barcelona after Menotti, who had not made him into the 1978 World Cup squad, took over the team. The golden years were beginning for Maradona, who signed a contract with Italy’s Napoli team.

Maradona, who won two championships in Napoli, was also the star of the 1986 World Cup. While Argentina won the World Cup, the goal Maradona sent by hand to the British networks in the quarter-finals has been discussed for many years. Maradona, who received a great reaction, did not hesitate to describe his hand touching the ball as “the hand of god”. Bringing his team to the finals in the 1990 World Cup, Maradona was surrendering to Germany with a penalty goal. This was perhaps the moment when Maradona’s rising career was reversed.
Maradona, who was found to be using cocaine in a routine doping control after an Italian league match in 1991, was detained by the police on the grounds that he possessed drugs on his return to Argentina. Maradona attacked the press members waiting in front of her house after her detention days, and she was no longer in the headlines with her events rather than her actions. Those who thought that Maradona was “over” after this incident were wrong. Returning to Sevilla, this time in Spain in 1993, Maradona was once again assertive for the 1994 World Cup. But 94 ‘America was unexpectedly short for Maradona. Maradona, who was found to be using a prohibited substance, was banned from the championship and was sentenced to 15 months. Maradona, who worked as the coach of Deportivo Mandiyu and Racing Club for a period of 15 months, returned to Boca Juniors, whom he called home in 1995, after his sentence was over. Playing in Boca for 2 seasons, Maradona broke off from active football at the age of 37 when she could not get rid of the cocaine habit that had eroded her career.Maradona, who suffered from health problems after quitting football, received a 22-month treatment in Cuba after a drug-related heart disease. Maradona, who was in a traffic accident after treatment, underwent a minor operation on her knee.Despite such a turbulent life, Maradona was named footballer of the century together with Pele by FIFA in 2000. He received his award in a ceremony held on December 11, 2000. But right after receiving his own award at the ceremony, he left the hall without waiting for Pele to receive an award. As a matter of fact, he made a statement one day later, “Even though I was disrespectful to my own body, I was always respectful of my work; That’s why I am the best in the world ”and made the announcement expected by all sports public opinion.


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