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New Wave

New WaveAccessory connection problem : How about giving your old charger one more chance? Judging by Balenciaga's Autumn / Winter 2020 podium, there is a...

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I loved being you… More than anything!

I loves being you... More than anything! When you have too many sentences or love it, you don't understand much. You are a little confidant,...

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The Lion and the Mouse

The Lion and the Mouse Small acts of kindness will be rewarded greatly. Once when a lion, the king of the jungle, was asleep, a little...

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Classyché. You may be unemployed when you grow up. We have no idea what the job market will look like in 2050. It is a common...

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Ordinary Loves

Classyché. It is very bad when you feel it is over. You speak from then on, but you know it's wasted. Maybe you still love...

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What Color Is Your Love Aura?

Classyché 1.  Which do you think is a good kiss?  A)   Cheek B)    Lip to lip C)   From lips to lips with...

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What Color Is Your Love Aura?

1. Which do you think is a good kiss? A)   Cheek B)   Lip to lip C)   From lips to lips with small...

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Be Your Own Masterpiece: Find Your Best Self!

The best leaders know that this is a lifelong process and that even if it reaches the top, one should not stop working on...

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