Today I’m going to talk to you about the restaurant I’ve dreamed of since I was a kid and I’ve finally succeeded. My restaurant is called ‘Müshkülpesent’. This word, which is of Arabic and Persian origin, means ‘hard to like’. We claim by name that even the hardest-to-like people here will like it. My restaurant is located on the coastline in Burgazada. The natural beauty of the island and the quality of the restaurant are beautiful enough to fascinate everyone. It is also quite easy to get to this island, which is connected to a metropolitan city. You can find a ferry coming here from each pier. There’s absolutely no use of motor vehicles on the island anyway. I suggest you do some research and get a map before you get here. That way, you’ll be traveling with a lot more knowledge. You should definitely see the décor of my restaurant. Since my restaurant will be on an island in Istanbul and serves as a bridge between the European and Asian continents of Istanbul, I mixed and decorated the cultures of both continents from a Turkish point of view. I’ve had support from an interior designer. Natural colors will represent Asia, vibrant contrast of colors will represent Europe, and their smooth and wonderful harmony will represent Turkey. Thus, local and foreign tourists who come to my restaurant will be able to find a piece of themselves, which will make my place popular. I also did very meticulous work on the staff to work in my restaurant. I chose my staff to break down the notion that Turkish society, which is widely thought out, resembles Arab society. I have a huge team of people with good communication skills, who speak a foreign language, who are cultured and friendly. I took care to choose my staff, especially students because we have to open up the ways of work for young people and bring them into the future. And thanks to their energy, we make a good impression. We all need to support young people with job opportunities. Another point is the restaurant’s menu. We have a menu that contains food and beverages that are completely Turkish cuisine. I was very careful about this because the fact that there was no worldwide equivalent of a flavor on my menu would make my restaurant interesting. For example, I chose our specific types such as baklava, karnıyarık, içli köfte, turnips, and cheese halvah. My restaurant opens every day of the year at 9:00 a.m. It closes at 00.00 in summer and 19.00 in winter. We are also open on religious and public holidays and inform our foreign customers about that day. That way, they get to know us better. I’d be happy to have you in my restaurant. Make sure you come.



                                                                              OUR WAITER

                                                                             OUR WAITER

                                                                             OUR WAITRESS


                                                                              İÇLİ KÖFTE


                                                                               CHEESE HALVA


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