Once upon a time, in a planet who hosts more men than women…

According to 2015 estimates by the United Nations, there are 102 million men for every 100 women. I mean guys,c’mon.. How can we still be single?

I couldn’t help but wonder, even there is a such lottery things going on with these men, how can we choose the worst ones, or maybe the most damaged boys in this wide options? Are we talented from born to choose the inferior one?

Despite our talent, we can’t stop ourselves from keep looking the one.. And when we found the ‘’new’’, we doubtlesslyput them into a place which belongs to ‘’the one’’..

In this particular story, I toughed that maybe I’ve found the one. Actually until I go home with him…

I’m going to call him the insistent guy, insistent and pretty unsure..

Well, we set a date on a public concert that night and while we meeting, I swear, I could smell his bi-curious vibes from a block away. And here is a new info about me.. I HATE men who doesn’t sure about his sexual orientation, and you should do too.. I didn’t put gas in my car to meet and hang out with a man who isn’t sure about himself or his sexual choices. And then, he did the one of the things that ‘’shouldn’t do on a first date’’… he ordered hot chicken wings with French fries…

After eating my dinner with full of regret, we get to the concert area.. I am not going to lie to you guys; we had fun together at the concert. He hugged me while the most romantic songs playing, he held my hands and we danced.. In fact, he danced with some little kids out there. I hated it but it seemed so sweet at that time…God, where was my mind!!

While we were ending our night, which can be considered as ‘’nice’’,

while I was b-bye-ing to him, he asked me, ‘’Can I stay with you tonight?’’.

If I look through his behaviors on our date, it would be my inconsistency If I answer this question by saying ‘’yes’’, so I answered without thinking more..

‘’Of course you can!’’

Before judging me, consider that if I could be seen outside with him, I could see him inside…Right?

(And of course, with my lack of consideration ability, I couldn’t think that I would regret this decision as much as the next morning…) Keep reading…

When we get to home, the smell of bi-curiosity left it’s spot to hideous foot odor. (If I dismissed him right at the time, Icouldn’t live what I’ve been that night…Still learning from our mistakes, right…)

When he exhibited his first guest appearance, I immediately showed the bathroom door to him. A few moments later, he spooned me and we had Netflix & chill for a few hours.

Later then a terrible entrance and spooned Netflix & chill, I remembered that I have a morning lesson in couple hours so I told him I had to sleep and he said ‘’ok’’ with quietly but his eyes were saying something else..Something like ‘that’s it?’’…

While I was keep ignoring his existence, I immediately tried to sleep with an image of his going… While I was just falling asleep, something happened that I didn’t hope to become real… I could hear him walking to my room.

So, here my darlings, your life has divided into 2 ways… First possibility is they going to find you dead in your very ownbed… And second possibility is might be a bit more painful.. You may can find yourself while satisfying and helping to find some answer to a ‘’curios’’ men…Thank god, he just lied down next to me and started to play with my hair and he said ‘’I couldn’t sleep.’’, and I said ‘’so do I.’’

Just right at the moment, he began to unravel his thoughts and kissed me…

After a small ‘’make love’’ session, he got right back to his bed and eventually, I tried to sleep again by calling a night rather than waiting him..

When the sun we all expect has rised, the time of the saying b-bye to an unstable kid has closed, and this time, it’s forever…

I immediately get out of my bed and made a coffee with intension of waking him up.Until he asked me to borrow one of my favorite new season’s sweatshirt.

I want to take your attention here… After I loaned my most most most favorite new season pink sweatshirt to him with a ‘’bringing back in this weekend’’ condition, we said goodbye to each other and I left him on a two and a half hour bustrip…I’m pretty sure that he answered his left over ‘’curiosity’’ questions with himself on that bus..Believe me 😉

While the weekend getting close, there was only one question on my mind. How can I take my sweatshirt back without seeing him again? I couldn’t decide to which one is the worst, seeing him again, or farewell to my sweatshirt…
And then, I’ve decided…

Maybe, It was the hardest break up I’ve ever had but…

Goodbye my dearest sweatshirt, rest in peace, you’ll always be loved…

Garrie Bradshaw
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