My department is economics, I analyze and present mathematical and statistical data in my job, I advise businesses on economic relations, I prepare reports, tables and graphs presenting research results, I interpret market trends, I analyze the estimated production, consumption of renewable resources and the supply and consumption of non-renewable resources  I make suggestions to implement savings policies or solve economic problems I analyze issues in various fields such as education, health, development and the environment from an economic point of view I inform business, government and individuals on economic issues I write articles for publication in academic journals and other media sources  and assess trends. You need to have the ability to analyze and make the right decisions. You must have excellent written and verbal communication skills to convey statistical information to people with varying levels of economics expertise.  You must be able to establish productive working relationships and work in a team, You must demonstrate organizational and time management skills, You must comply with deadlines, You must be able to work under intense stress, you must have self-confidence. It is important to be interested in sociology, economics, law, statistics and to be successful in these areas. If you have these, you can be a successful economist.

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