This list can be continued for a long time. All these drugs are distinguished by the manufacturer, some differences in the dosage of the active substances contained in them and the form of release. There are slight differences in contraindications.

The price range is also different.  So Amoksiklav (more info) 875 in Russian pharmacies can be purchased on average at a price of 450 rubles.

The tool has a wide spectrum of action due to the main components. The concentration of amoxicillin actively fights many gram-positive, gram-negative microorganisms. Amoxicillin does not produce microorganisms that produce beta-lactamases, because the substance is subject to destruction by this enzyme. The second active ingredient clavulanic acid slows down the action of beta-lactamases. It is able to reduce the activity of beta-lactamase..

The combination of amoxicillin, clavulanic acid has an antibacterial effect on the whole body, helping it to cope with diseases faster. Amoxicillin is excreted by the kidneys of the patient. The antibacterial drug Augmentin is taken orally and absorbed from the digestive tract, then the drug helps to destroy the bacteria that cause the disease. Augmentin absorption falls on the tubular secretion of amoxicillin.

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Crush the tablet in a container with water (volume not less than 100 ml) and wait for complete dissolution. You can also chew a tablet and drink plenty of water before eating.

Tablets are attributed to adults and children from 12 years old, with a weight of 40 kg or more Depending on the course of the disease, the patient takes about 3 tablets per day after an equal number of hours. In some situations, it is allowed to take 4 tablets. The powder may be white or yellowish..

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