Farsite Online Game

                A promising crypto game .  A new one has been added to nft games that have become popular recently .  Farsite online is a project that can reach huge places in the future.  The game is currently in the airdrop phase.  You can participate in this airdrop by registering in advance and completing the tasks.  If you are in the top 100 , you can win different prizes every day. Due to the increasing interest in cryptocurrencies , the interest in Nft games is increasing .

                The farsite, which is an Eth – based game , can provide serious gains to those who have registered in advance and collect these airdrops . The more people you invite to the game and register , the more rewarded you will be .  Thus, you have the chance to both contribute to the growth of the game and increase your earnings by collecting more prizes .

                 The most rewarding task at once is to shoot and share a youtube video.If you have a youtube channel, you can win big prize by doing this task. Almost all of the tasks are easy. Social media tracking tasks dominate. There is no task that will take your time. The game is like a game that will both entertain and earn money. Making money while enjoying your free time is everyone’s dream and

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  1. Você não precisa investir para conseguir a sua primeira nave em Farsite, tudo o que você precisa fazer é se cadastrar através do site oficial e cumprir algumas pequenas tarefas para participar do airdrop.

    Só de seguir o Farsite nas redes sociais você já ganha seus primeiros itens e pode conseguir ainda mais se indicar alguns amigos!

    Apesar de serem básicas, esse conjunto inicial pode te ajudar a entender melhor o jogo e decidir se vale a pena fazer um investimento ou não.