Hello from a nice day! Today is an important day, because we will know a great author. She is… MIYASE SERTBARUT! If you like adventure, mystery, fluency her books are for you. And now we can start. Who is Miyase Sertbarut?

Miyase Sertbarut was born in Adana Ceyhan in 1963. She has written works in the field of contemporary children’s literature.

She graduated from Gazi University, Department of Turkish Language and Literature. She gave Turkish and literature lessons in different schools. Kyrgyzstan was tasked to teach Turkish in Turkey. After returning to Turkey, she retired.

Miyase Sertbarut, who started her writing career by writing radio plays, has 15 books by the author. She received awards from TRT and publishing houses for radio plays and children’s books.

She draws attention with his approach to today’s children and his command of language in expression. She won the first prize in the TUDEM youth novel competition with Kapiland’ın Kobayları.

In my opinion her books are very well. I read only 3 books:Çöp Plaza l, Çöp Plaza ll and Sisin Sakladıkları. They were very nice and fluency. But my favourite is Sisin Sakladıkları. I’ll talk a little bit about this book.

Have you ever heard of the ”Blue Crow”? It’s good if you’ve heard it before. But if you haven’t heard before, let’s talk a little bit:

The blue crow is a type of jay from the crow family commonly found in North America. And it can speak in this book! Moreover, he is a friend of Ilay, the main character of the book.

The book tells about the adventure of İlay, Aunt Kutsiye, the Blue Crow and Fuat. It is very mystery book. So exciting, you can finish this book only a day! When the book I’m reading is finished, i’ll read ”Yuan Huan’ın Kulübesi”. I’m so curious for this book. Another reason I read this book is because my teacher recommended it.

And, i want to say this too: I am very lucky! Because i talked with Miyase Sertbarut with my class. It was a wonderful experience to meet a famous writer, Miyase Sertbarut.

And i want to send a message from here to Miyase Sertbarut: We want to see you again among us!

That’s all for now! See you next time. Bye Bye!

For her books:https://www.tudem.com/yazar/151/miyase_sertbarut.aspx

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