Ernest Hemingway

The famous writer and journalist Ernest Hemingway was born in 1899. When Hemingway was in high school, World War I was going on in Europe. When the United States joined the war in 1917, he applied to join the army. The author, who was not drafted due to a problem in his left eye, later applied to the Red Cross and joined the battle as an ambulance driver. In 1918 he was seriously injured by a ball falling too close to him. One of the Italian soldiers he tried to help died while the other lost his legs. He was injured in his legs while carrying another Italian soldier. He fell in love with nurse Agnes von Kurawsky at the hospital where he was treated. The nurse he was thinking of marrying left him. In 1931, the author’s father committed suicide.In 1944, he took an active role in the war with American forces during World War II. For this reason, he was later tried in a military court. The writer’s mental health has deteriorated in his last years. When he found his wife Hemingway in the kitchen of the house with a gun, he took him to the hospital. The artist received electro shock treatment in the hospital where he was taken. He ended his life by shooting himself with a hunting gun in 1961, two days after he left the hospital.



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