Interview: The Artisan Who Combine Orchids with Miniature Art

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Hello! Today I am sharing with you the interview I had with miniature artist Nevin Yapıcı, whose works I met through social media. I can say that Ms. Nevin’s work on dried orchid leaves with various figures is quite interesting. Although I have been following miniature art through the works of different artisans, I had never come across such an idea before. If you want to look closely at Ms. Nevin’s other crafts, you can reach her   Instagram account.  In the interview, you can see what is curious about miniature art and notes on how art opens the door to different perspectives.

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Combining Orchids with Miniature Art

Hi  Ms. Nevin, we can say that you have been engaging in miniature art for a long time. Today, handicrafts such as marbling, calligraphy, and illumination are generally better known. What distinguishes miniature art from others and what led you to this field? 

Hi! First of all, thank you for having me in this interview. I met the art of miniature through a teacher whom I love very much. Since that day, I have been continuing and if fate so decrees, I want to continue throughout my life. In my opinion, what distinguishes miniature art from other traditional arts and what led me here is that the framework of the miniature is very wide, it excites me and encourages me to create new dreams, thoughts, and designs at every moment. In other words, I think I feel greatly free when making miniatures, I express myself better and if I want to give a message to the other party, I can do it more easily with them. And most importantly, the unique style of miniature has always impressed me a lot. 

Details That Make Miniature Art Special

As we know, traditional miniature art does not have painting rules such as perspective, shadow, distance, and proximity. It is both very detailed and not. In general, I like the way that the miniature expresses itself. The facial expression of the figures, clouds, and rocks are my favorite parts of miniatures. My style is a bit outside the tradition. I am trying to create a style that feeds on tradition, sheds light on the present day, and tries to add something from myself and today. If we think of it as a journey, we can say that I am still at the beginning of the road.  Also, paints and brushes have always been very precious to me. I love each color separately and the moment when the colors mix with water and meet the paper is one of the most exciting and intriguing things in life for me. 

I’m trying to create a style that feeds on tradition, sheds light on the present and tries to add something from myself and today. 

What are your inspirations for these original and elegant figures and what was the first one that you worked on? 

I don’t usually say that my source of inspiration is this or that. I make excessive use of myself, my inner world, my imagination, and the moments that live in my work. I am a person who dreams a lot and attaches importance to my dreams. In my paintings, I try to color these dreams and the moments that I experience. There is always something of myself in each of my works. Apart from reproduction, in the first figure I made, I worked on a cheerful young man with a musical instrument on his head. There is a frame around him and he is trying to get out of it. 

Especially the miniatures you have drawn on dried leaves and orchids are very attractive. It must have been difficult work because of the sensitive ground. Where did this idea come from?

The miniatures that I made on orchids are a work I started by saying why not. I put it in one of my books years ago. And that book came to my mind on one occasion. While examining the book, I saw orchids and their thin naïve structure and smooth surface prompted me to make miniatures. I didn’t know how it would end up because I made the first one as an experiment. I was very excited and thought what if the paint doesn’t hold, but I kept doing it because it’s good to try new things. When I was making it, I never thought it would be so appreciated. As a result, something beautiful emerged. It has become a new source of happiness and hope for me. Alhamdulillah. 

As an artisan, if you could describe art in 3 words, what would they be?

If I were to describe art in three words, they would probably be patience, hope, and waiting. 

Finally, when you think about today’s modern life, if you had the opportunity to have a conversation with a female companion from the first years of Islam by sipping your coffee, who would it be?

A very good and thought-provoking question. Honestly, It did not come to my mind anyone at first. After thinking about it for a while, I thought of course it should be Khadija (r.a), one of the closest people to the Prophet Muhammed (s.a.w) and one of the Prophet’s most beloved people. I also thought of the Prophet’s daughters. I would like to have a conversation with one of his daughters, Zainab (r.a), she always attracted my attention.  

Then thank you to did not refuse my invitation, and for joining me in this beautiful interview, stay with art! 😊

Thank you, I enjoyed it very much. You too ✨

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